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BRANDS AND PRODUCTS: Within our Privacy and Copyright Policy, it is important to immediately emphasize our brand AUDIENCE WITH MARKETING, DOES NOT REPRESENT any brand or product inside or outside this website (, we only recommend and promote purchased products and services. through different affiliate programs. Where these platforms provide us with their advertising material so we can promote them in exchange for a commission per sale. This means that we place the brand that we promote within our affiliate program website and that link is directed to the owner of the online store of the product or service, we simply recommend the website of the brand or company. Yes, the browser on our website wants to register with us to receive more offers from the affiliate programs that we promote, you can do so, where your data will be confidential and we will not distribute or sell the database. We are in favor of defending the copyright and intellectual property rights of each product, service or company, we practice good practices in this matter, which is why we thank any natural person or company that notifies us through the contact form on this site. website (, if we are violating your copyright and intellectual property rights, your brand or product, in order to take sustained action by the notifier that explains how we are violating your rights and in that way if appropriate. By law, please remove your brand or product from our website ( This clarification that we are Affiliate Programs to promote these brands, products and services for the American market.

It is worth remembering that we are an intermediary company that facilitates the customer's purchase through the Internet and that we are Affiliates of American Programs and other countries working from the Republic of Panama with American companies and other countries, they grant us the authorization and representation of the brands of products to promote and refer them in exchange for a sales commission. That said, we feel supported by our supplier of American companies with their Affiliate Programs in all their brands, logo, content, audio, images and all their digital and printed material.

USER PRIVACY: This website is protected by an SSL certification from the company ALFHA SSL, to protect the data of the users of this website ( The user acknowledges that the entry of personal information is done voluntarily and upon request of specific requirements of this website (, either to make a purchase, claim or to access the interactive mechanisms of your account. . The company Overfeed Web Agency, undertakes not to sell its database, as it goes against our privacy policies. The use of our database is used to send it to our customers who wish to receive via email and by phone, offers and news of exclusive new products for American users who are voluntarily registered on our website to send them promotions and site offers. website ( Acceptance of the Conditions of the Privacy Policy by the user and the browser within this website ( We are not responsible for any misunderstanding within this website ( We reserve the right to any clause to add a term that protects this website or remove, any term that damages this website ( All changes are effective immediately when we post them, and access to and use of the website (, will apply to everyone thereafter. The updated version supersedes any previous version immediately after being published and the previous versions will have no legal effect to continue. If you do not review the new terms as posted, you agree that you have waived your right to do so and are therefore bound by the new terms. Updated, even if you couldn't review the new ones. You are on notice of the changes, and your failure to review the modified terms is your own failure. By continuing to use the website ( after us, we make available a modified version of these terms of service, which you therefore acknowledge, accept and agree to such modification. Users voluntarily place their personal data, since it is also a requirement to be able to receive offers from our website ( It is important to emphasize that the user by accepting the Terms and Conditions of this website ( also accepts the Privacy Policies of this website (

USE OF USER DATA The company Overfeed Web Agency owns the website (, once the user accepts our terms and conditions and privacy policy, their data will be used to promote offers of products and services to other companies in affiliate programs. If the user wishes to unsubscribe as mentioned above, they must contact us. Our database on this website cleans the data of customers who still want to continue with our brand every 3 years.

COOKIES POLICY The company Overfeed Web Agency, through our affiliations to various Affiliate Programs of American companies, provide us with a link to promote said offers, thus generating a Cookie in the user's browser. These Cookies remain in the user's browser for a short period of time, in this way it generates the commission for sales each time the user buys with our affiliate link. The user declares to have been informed of the conditions regarding data protection and privacy policies, fully accepting the consents of this website ( and knowing this information and knowing the privacy policies, to not violate any of our standards within all content on this website (

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